Shomronon is an Israeli Unterganger who primarily uses Sony Vegas Pro to create Hitler Parodies. He is known for being one of the main pioneers of FX parody making. He created useful tools for editing, like his Magnificent Chroma Keyer, a basic tutorial for Sony Vegas and a tutorial for Windows Movie Maker.

On February 1, 2011, Shomronon announced that he has retired from parody making, only to return shortly afterwards. He is one of the few Untergangers to use 3D/CGI effects, shown here.

He has gained well over 400,000 views and 1,199 subscribers. His most popular parody is "Hitler's road trip".

As of 2013, has has not released any new parodies, and is implied to have silently retired.

Despite the controversy he has caused, his contributions were enough for him to be inducted into the Unterganger Hall of Fame in December 2014.


Shomronon was a source of controversy due to a racist private message sent to a user, and several hostile posts he made in the Downfall Parodies Forum regarding the occupation of Palestine by Israel, as well as controversies surrounding his discourse in the chat.

He and Benad361 enjoyed hostility due to aforementioned message (to the amusement of some fellow untergangers).

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