I somehow find a way to make people laugh, and I don't know how I do it, but it happens!
―Shadow Briton

Shadow Briton (previously BritishDolfy17) is a retired British Fourth-generation Unterganger. He started uploading Downfall Parodies in June 2016.


In 2012, Shadow Briton discovered the Downfall meme through a parody that his brother had shown him, made by Hitler Rants Parodies. He watched more parodies after that. In 2014, he got reintroduced to the meme through a parody with "Epic Rap Battles of History", more specifically a battle between Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler. He later discovered the Unterganger community, and he's been a regular parody viewer ever since. In March 2015, he created his YouTube account, choosing the name "TC Studios". In December 2015, he earned the support of Fürocious Führer and later got invited into the community by Delphox, who was known as "Charizard" at the time. Also at this time, he changed his name to BritishDolfy17.

Although he was invited into the community in December 2015, personal issues, technical issues, and continued community trolling caused him to not be able to upload parodies until June 2016. It was around this time that he changed his name to Shadow Briton Parodies.

Since then, he revived the UnterCast and became a judge in the Unterganger Awards. He was very active in the community but he is now disengaged from the community, citing that he felt that it was time to find something new.

Involvement in reviving the UnterCast

In August 2016, he told Paul Stompbox that he was planning to revive the UnterCast, stating that he "didn't want a great idea go to waste". A few days later, he, Paul Stompbox and Gilblitz112 revived the UnterCast, by re-creating the page, a Discord Server and a YouTube channel. He was involved in two episodes since its revival.

In February 2017, he announced his resignation as manager of the UnterCast, citing that he felt that the podcast needed a change in direction. He then handed the ownership over to Gilblitz112.

Shadow Briton in the community

He is currently a judge in the Unterganger Awards and the founder of a Discord server used by several Untergangers. He is quite popular in the Downfall Parody community, inviting several unknown Untergangers and 5th Generation Untergangers, such as Hitler Trolls and Gamma Master. He is also on good terms with other older generation Untergangers, such as Ako675 and JennieParker87.

  • On 4th of March 2017, he joined the "Drachenlord Rants Parodies" collaboration by JJ All-star and Superdumpfback, a channel where downfall parodies are mixed with Drachenlord's videos and Hitler is replaced by Rainer Winkler

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