The Serbian School of Unterganging refers to a group of Untergangers from Serbia. Their shared geography, generation/time period and innovative parody making commonality qualifies them as a tendency.

History and Characteristics

As the Downfall meme became popular, more people ventured outside the Original Bunker Scene while also experimenting with FX.

Parodies which originally had an appeal to mostly Anglophone countries with most untergangers being from the US and UK also became very popular in other non-English speaking countries. This was mostly the case in Serbia where for a certain period, many untergangers making English-subtitled parodies seemed to be from Serbia.

However, the geographic characteristic was not the main link among this group but their approach to Unterganging. With the likes of Vzorkic and MsIronMetalHead666, they were among the first to fully start using special effects, complex editing and plot themed parodies.

Serbian Untergangers

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