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Budyonny (left) with Tukhachevsky (right).

Marshal Semyon Budyonny was a Marshal of the Soviet Union (from 1935 onwards) and a prominent figure in the Russian Civil War and the field of Cavalry. He is well known for his creation of the First Cavalry Army, crucial in winning the Civil War.

Stalin Parody Universe

As Budyonny could be somewhat foolish and idiotic, he has been portrayed in Stalin parodies as Stalin's answer to Grawitz. He appeared in Benad361's "Stalin's Grawitz Budyonny Messes up A Parody Filming"(the architect of current and the most prominent Stalin Parodies); Budyonny was seen ranting and raving in a fury however, unlike Grawitz who never rants. He seems to have all the messing tendencies posessed by Grawitz though, losing his uniform and forgetting his lines when making a Stalin Parody (depicted in aforementioned Parody).

He appeared in a second Benad361 parody: "Tukhachevsky's Aeronautical Antic". In this parody, he is sick all over Stalin's tunic after Tukhachevsky flew the Stalincopter (Stalin's helicopter) too erratically. He also rants at Tukhachevsky for telling him to "shut up" and not showing him enough respect.

Budyonny seems to have got into trouble with Stalin in the past too, such as the incident in which he requested Skyrim from Stalin (after his wife and Tukhachevsky would not get it for him) and nearly got deported to Siberia.


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