2nd-generation Untergangers (October 2010 - July 2013) were a generation of parodists to contribute to the Downfall parody meme.



In late 2010, FX in parodies had become more advanced as Untergangers began using rotoscoping and green screen. Most First-generationers continued making parodies until Summer 2011. By then, much of the first-gen had either slowed parody production, gone into dormancy, or retired. However, Hitler Rants Parodies, TheSilverUniverse and a few others would continue long into the next generation.


After late 2010, a newer group of Untergangers had emerged and would continue to progress the meme. More Downfall parodies of the 2nd generation included more special effects and were longer than past videos. Downfall scenes other than the most commonly used ones became more featured such as Goebbels rants scene, the Mohnke and Goring scene, the Krebs meets General Chuikov scene, and Mohnke talks to Goebbels scene. Some areas of the Untergang meme explored mostly through 2012-2013 include animated parodies and interactive Downfall videos.


The first proposal for the end of the second generation came after the airing of Kobra - "Hitler Humour". Some suggested that the airing date of said documentary should mark the end of the second generation and the start of a third generation. No consensus has been reached among the community members throughout the rest of 2013.

On January 2014, it was decided after some discussions in the chat that the second-generation should end around August 2013, and the Third-generation Untergangers period starting at that time. This was justified on the argument that a small amount of new Untergangers joining the chat around that time were different in terms of conduct, and a few have been given moderation action in the chat. It was also observed that the new members of Hitler Rants Parodies's are similarly doing obnoxious conducts (e.g. self-nominating or getting someone to nominate themselves into the new HoF, doing sub4subs, etc) of which had been rectified by the addition of rules disallowing said conducts. Another reason was to mark media recognition of the meme by the Kobra documentary regarding the meme. This had been controversial as many misinterpreted the documentation of obnoxious conducts as speaking for all third-generation Untergangers whereas the documentation had explicitly stated it was only a few and the third-generation are still developing a reputation for themselves.


Today, many 2nd gen Untergangers have either been retired, dormant, or particularly inactive in parody making. Very few remain active on parody making and in the community. A few notable examples are Hazard and to an extent TUH.

Prominent Second-Generation Untergangers

Dormant or retired


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