Schenck in the Hospital is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies. It takes place - in Ernst-Günther Schenck's timeline - shortly after he received orders from Wilhelm Mohnke to bring medical supplies to an underground refuge of the Reich Chancellery. The scene features mainly Schenck, with minor roles by his adjutant Max Müller and an unnamed tank commandant.

In Downfall

Schenck and Müller pull their truck over near the entrance of a military hospital. There's a small tank division stationed there, and Schenck is stopped by the tank commander. Schenck informs the commander that he has orders from Brigadeführer Mohnke to get first-aid supplies from the hospital. The commander tells Schenck that the military has abandoned the building and that he doesn't know about the circumstances of the wounded once treated there. Schenck insists on going ahead, ordering Müller to stay behind. The tank commander warned Schenck of the Russians that are around, pointing to the cannon barrel of a Tiger I as "the end of the Reich," and the territory beyond it as Russian's. Müller observes through a binocular as Schenck walks through the gate.

Schenck scouts around the abandoned building, walking down corridors and peering into rooms filled with medical furniture. As he begins to feel lost, he hears a metal clanging from a corridor. What he finds there is a pile of dead bodies, presumably both civilians and soldiers. In the next room, Schenck finds a bunch of elderly women who have been left for dead.

In the Parodies

This scene is rarely used in parodies, due to the disturbing nature of it, and the lack of exploitable things to parody in this scene.

As with the Führerbunker, the interior of the building can be a labyrinth of maze-like corridors. Schenck once found himself lost, being forced to play a hide-and-seek game in Hitler's maze.

The scene has also been used in several other ways by other Untergangers, such as JennieParker87, who made Schenck do a moonwalk through the hospital in her A strange parody 1. Another example is in Der Untergang: The Parody, in which the scene is used as a Slender sub-parody, where Schenck must collect 8 papers.


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