Schecnk and Haase operating is a scene in the extended edition of Downfall that is rarely used in parodies. This is primarly due to it's gruesome nature.

In Downfall

Werner Haase is directing Ernst-Günther Schenck to amputate a soldier's right leg while being assisted by Erna Flegel. He instructs Schenck to rip open the bottom of the soldier's pants sleeve and to make an incision. When he is removing what is most likely shrapnel, blood squirts on him. Schenck is handed a saw and takes a look outside the operating room seeing an injured soldier being assisted, he then proceeds to cutting off the leg.

In Parodies

The scene has only been used in a few parodies, such as the extended cut of Resolution Revolution by Joster285.

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Schenck and Haase operating
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