“Nicht schießen, Kameraden.”
―SS soldier holding the white flag.

Schenck's conversation with Stehr and Hewel is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Wilhelm Mohnke's group has found a place to rest anticipating the arrival of the Soviets. Ernst-Günther Schenck talks with Stehr, asking him if he has somebody waiting for him. Stehr shows him a picture of his girlfriend. Schenck asks him what will his family feel if he dies, but he says that they'll be proud of him. He takes his photos back and tells Schenck to say hello to his bride if he survives the captivity. He then lies on the bed, holding his gun on the chest.

Otto Günsche meanwhile smokes and looks at his watch. Walther Hewel asks Schenck to talk to him. As they talk, Hewel shows Schenck a cyanide capsule and he says to Schenck that Hitler gave it to him as a farewell gift and that he promised Hitler he would kill himself if the Russians won and he doesn't want to talk negatively about him. After this, Schenck tries to talk Hewel out of killing himself, saying that he's a diplomat and that he's protected by international law, along with the benefits of the promise.

Suddenly, a voice is heard, and everyone except Hewel, Stehr, and a SS officer point their guns in the direction from which the voice comes while Günsche looks serious and Mohnke looks worried. Then, an SS officer with a white flag emerges, saying that it's over and that Germany has surrendered. At this point Hewel puts the cyanide capsule in his mouth, bites it, and shoots himself, along with Stehr. At the end, the others look at the bodies.

In Parodies

Although this scene isn't commonly used in parodies, this scene has been used by KakashiBallZ in his April fools parody. Fegelein: The Lost Tapes' Viva La Fegel 4 parody also uses this scene.

This scene is also used in Hitler Rants Parodies' The Assassination of Hitler Part 8. In InstaneCrafter's parody: Hewel's Superweapon: Suicide of Doom, Hewel uses this superweapon to destroy the Death Star. This scene is also used in pudekcufsisiht's parody, where the white flag stood for the last piece of toilet paper.



  • This is the last time Hewel, Stehr, Mohnke, Günsche, Schenck and the other SS officers appear in the movie.
  • In the Extended Version of Downfall, the scene where Schenck talks to Stehr is applied while in the Theatrical Version, this scene is deleted and it goes right to where Schenck talks to Hewel instead.
  • According to Schenck, he stated that Hewel was emotionally and physically very tired during the breakout that this caused him to commit his suicide instead of living in real life.
  • The gun that Hewel used to commit his suicide in this scene was a Walther 7.65 handgun.
  • The SS officer who announces the capitulation to Schenck and the others was portrayed by a Russian actor and had to be re-dubbed for the original.
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