s2iDP was an English Second-generation Unterganger who currently lives in Newcastle, England. His YouTube channel was created on the 9th February, 2013.


s2iDP opened his YouTube channel on 9 February 2013, mainly to post his new Downfall Parodies on. However, he had made various other Downfall Parodies before, which were on his main channel. Since then, he has made many other parodies, and continues to make them to this day.


Many of s2iDP's early parodies were made using Windows Movie Maker, but he later switched to VideoPad Video Editor after seeing fellow Unterganger and inspiration Smoglessbutton4 do so. Whilst his early parodies, and a lot of his current ones, were in the Traditional style, he also made several Modified Traditional parodies, and has also made a Musical Parody.

Notable Parodies

s2iDP has made various parodies, most notable of which are the following:

YouTube Poops

s2iDP, mainly inspired by Benad361, has also started making YouTube Poops, mainly containing Michael Rosen but also various other characters - the most popular of which are currently Michael Rosen's Absurd Outing with Class 6 and The Michael Rosen Trip to Jamaica.


He announced his retirement from Unterganging on 29 December 2013, citing reasons similar to smoglessbutton4 who also retired on the same day. [1] However, he did state he would continue making YouTube Poops, and didn't fully rule out a return at some point in the future (although he did claim this was unlikely).

During the Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest, a sockpuppet channel made by Süleyman Tekin Gürmen came into existence, claiming to be S2iDP, and he entered an entry into the contest. A few people were convinced that he was the real S2iDP, to the point where this page was actually edited to reflect that. However, after S2iDP himself stated that he was not making a comeback, the entry was swiftly disqualified.


  • s2iDP is the creator of the superweapon "Schädle's pistol of doom".


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