Rommel is a 2012 German TV film about the latter life German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, spanning from his Atlantic Wall project to his implication in a plot to kill Hitler (20 July Plot) which brought about his demise.

Though receiving some attention by Untergangers such as evilrobottolhurst shortly after its release, no attempt was made on a parody theme based on the clips from the movie until July 2014 with a parody by Windows7Guy100. Later in May 2015, mfaizsyahmi also independently made a parody off Rommel. While different scenes were used, both incidentally tell of a similar story about Rommel Hitler's plan to prevail in the Parody Universe.


  • Several other familiar actors from Downfall also made an appearance, albeit playing different characters:
  • A few actors of Rommel also appear in Valkyrie, some presumed to play the same character in both films. Incidentally, or it is because of, both films include the 20 July Plot in their stories.


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