Rollercoster3 was an American Untergangerin. She has 11 parodies, 222 subscribers, and 75,000+ channel views, and has a series called Ask Goebbels, which started on June 4, 2011. She also has a series called Fegelein is informed (June 8, 2011). Like most Untergangers, she hates Justin Bieber.

She hasn't uploaded any new videos since November 2011, mainly due to school. She is implied have silently retired.

Ask Goebbels

Ask Goebbels is one of her series. In the first episode Mohnke ask Goebbels what's a bunker, with Goebbels not really telling him what a bunker is, rather he just tells him to "walk around a few times and then tell him what a bunker is", and then telling him he's "as blind as a bat".

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