RocketAP3 is an American Unterganger who, despite being new, received a large number of accolades from the community for his parodies. He now creates both Gmod videos and parodies.


Rocket's parody career started when he met Delphox (then known as AlphaSkyRaider) in a TF2 server. They then became friends, and Alpha encouraged him to make parodies. He then made a parody based on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a success, with the parody being supported by parody makers like Soalricnhlfan40 and many others. He also received an Unterganger Award for his creativity. Later on, he made more parodies: Hitler the Jedi, Hitler's Skateboarding Fail, and a DPMV of Super Mario RPG. He continued to win awards, like a UA for Hitler the Jedi, and a Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award (by a landslide).

During that time, AlphaSkyRaider was on the brink of retirement. They then decided to work together on the AlphaSkyRaider channel. Their submission for the Hitler's Summer Memories Contest by JennieParker87 came in fourth place overall. Although an announcement was never made, the collab ended a while later, and the channel was back under the control of Alpha. 


In October 2014, Rocket started making Youtube Poops and Gmod videos instead of parodies. He later decided that he didn't want to make "crappy" parodies anymore, and deleted all of them. Luckily, they're still in Charizard's possession (check External Links section for them). He continued to make Gmod videos, like Haylow: Combat De-evolved

Comeback and 2nd retirement

In November, Rocket re-uploaded his Hitler the Jedi video, while announcing that he is coming back. A few days later, however, he deleted all his ties with Unterganging from his steam profile, including Charizard himself. No one has any idea why he did that. However, he said that he was still going to return.

On Youtube, Rocket again announced his retirement, saying that the stale parodies are not what he wants for his channel, and that parodies are not his thing. He has since moved on to video game-based videos, such as the Top 5 Weirdest Video Games.

As of January 2015, he closed his account, rendering his status to suicide.

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