“To say 'no someone has had that idea' is the death of creativity.”
Robert Tolhurst [1]

Robert Tolhurst is a British Unterganger known for his diverse parodies. He currently has over 150 videos and over 200 subscribers. He gathered over 250,000 views.


Evilrobottolhurst is the evil robot double of Robert Tolhurst, who joined YouTube in February 2010 to protest against the planned closure of cheap, specialist, eclectic station BBC Radio 6 Music.

Robert's first video "George Lamb - 6Music's Downfall?" was of the nature of a roleplay based on the Original Bunker Scene with Downfall Hitler playing a Kontroller whose strategy was a shipment of FAIL.

The theme was continued with Hitler playing a more senior figure in the BBunkerC and being told to come up with a proper strategy by teatime.

Critcism and controversy

Despite not being as controversial as some Untergangers have been, Robert has often come under criticism himself, ranging from his backing for PiretBCN (who is considered by some to hold racist views), to his seemingly dictatorial behaviour as admin of the 'Hitler Downfall Parody Fans' Facebook group.

On 25 January 2013, Robert posted a message on the Facebook fan group indirectly criticising the actions taken against Antoni Pieter, when the latter posted his username and password in public in the description of one of his YouTube videos, which lead to him being hacked the same day. Mfaizsyahmi and Trapped Antics posted some comments criticising his views, suggesting that he should be more open minded. The post by Trapped Antics was two paragraphs long and was deleted just 10 seconds after being posted, hinting at the fact that Robert did not take the time to read it and assumes full control of the group. Robert then threatened Mfaizsyahmi with a ban from the group and stated that criticising an administrator is "rude and not on", despite the fact that Mfaizsyahmi was only using constructive criticism. This later caused a fall out between some Untergangers and Robert, with some Untergangers criticising him for his "dictatorial" behavior as an administrator of the group.

He has even been given the nickname 'Trollhurst' due to his aforementioned conduct. He is also known to call the hacking of Antoni Pieter "cyberbullying" despite the fact that Antoni had clearly brought this onto himself by stealing videos and posting troll comments on YouTube videos in the first place. This action had led him to be branded as a "troll" even further.


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