Riley: You're Hitler?
Hitler: It's "My Führer" to you...!
Hitler: And you're the biggest thorn in the face of the future!”
―How a conversation between Riley and pretty much any ranter usually goes.[1]

Riley Andersen is a central character of Disney/Pixar's Inside Out, and a minor crossover character of Hitler Parodies.

In Inside Out

When Riley was 11, her family moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. This caused a crisis internally in Riley, and at one point, she even considered running away from her parents and back to Minnesota. However, she had a last-minute change of heart.

Riley's primary interest is hockey, and she has played for both the Minnesota team Prairie Dogs and the San Francisco team Foghorns. She has also taken piano lessons, although she was visibly bored by them and has forgotten a lot since she last took them.

Riley is usually upbeat and happy-go-lucky. However, she absolutely abhors broccoli, being disgusted by it, and during her first days in San Francisco, she was visibly angry with her parents over their decision.

In Parodies

While Riley is a much more significant parody character in parodies by ASBusinessMagnet, intended to have no ties to Downfall at all, numerous crossovers with Hitler and other parody themes have been uploaded. All of them use the same brief clip of Riley chatting on the Internet with her friend Meg, but substituting Meg for another parody character. In her Headquarters, only Anger, Fear and Disgust are seen, with a usual complete lack of Joy and Sadness (who usually figure prominently in non-crossover parodies), and therefore, she is prone to cutting ranters off after both sides irritate each other.

In addition, she has briefly appeared in a Singing Burgdorf parody by JJ All-star, which features Riley, on her laptop, watching a Burgdorf concert, and predictably getting irritated.

In Riley Andersen vs. Hermann Fegelein, she has been admitted to be a worthy successor to Fegelein, and has been given a superweapon to that effect. However, she is still yet to leave a mark as an antic master.



  1. The only indirect evidence based on nicknames places Meg's birthday on August 20, 2000 and Riley's on January 22. This, coupled with the confirmation that Riley and Meg are of the same age, means that she was likely to be born on either 2000 or 2001 in Inside Out.
  2. "The Emotions react to the results of Eurovision Song Contest 2016" reveals her to be 12 as of May 14, 2016, when the Grand Final of ESC 2016 occurred. This, coupled with Riley's nickname suggesting she was born on January 22 as in canon, places her birthday on January 22, 2004.
  3. As confirmed by the original dialogue of the Riley Informed Scene.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The names of Riley's parents are not mentioned in Inside Out (with them only being credited as "Mom" and "Dad") and only exist in supplementary material. However, they are used in "Andersen's Mind - #1: What do you Mean, We're a Princess?", suggesting that they are the actual names of the characters in the parody universe.
  5. Her chat client nickname, as seen in almost all crossover parodies.
  6. 6.0 6.1 As there is no official Esperanto or Newspeak dub of Inside Out, this name is only revealed via parody subtitles activated via the CC feature.
  7. Non-canon name invented by JJ All-star. First features in "Riley Andersen vs. Hermann Fegelein".


  1. Riley Andersen vs. Adolf Hitler at 0:58

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