Revolution Parodies are a parody series done in a similar style to the Kittredge or other American Girl parodies in that they are centered around the shenanigans of a (fictional) character and their relationships with Adolf Hitler.

Footage Used

Revolution Parodies use footage from Sergio Leone's little known spaghetti Western Duck, You Sucker, also known as A Fistful of Dynamite or Giù la testa in Italian. Typically, parodies use the Italian version of the film in order to add fake subtitles, although scenes from the English version have occasionally been used.


Official Characters

  • John Mallory: an Irish demolitions expert who relentlessly pursues and tries to blow up Hitler.
  • Juan Miranda: Mallory's lackey who is constantly dragged into his schemes.
  • Colonel Günther Reza: A soldier constantly sent by Felix Steiner to try and stop Mallory and bring an end to his destruction.

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