The "Remake a Classic" Contest was a spring contest organised by JennieParker87. The announcement video was uploaded on the 23rd of March 2017. It is JennieParker87's 10th contest.


The contestant was asked to find a parody he/she would like to remake. It could be one of their own, or someone else's. The point was to find an idea one liked, an idea that had already been used before in a parody, either by the contestant or by someone else. The contestant's mission was to use the same idea, but in a different way, in a new fresh parody.


  • Holocaust references were forbidden.
  • Highly offensive material had to be avoided.
  • The parody could be max 5 minutes long.

Important Credit had to be given to the person who made the original parody (which the contestant was remaking). The credit had to be put in a clear place in the entry. A link to the original parody also had to be in the video description of the entry. The entry would be disqualified without this. lf the contestant was remaking one of his/her own parodies, then it was enought to put a link to the original parody in the description. The majority of the contestants failed to pay attention to this rule, so most only put the link in the description. JennieParker87 decided to accept the entries anyway, since it would have been very complicated to ask most of the contestants to remake their parodies.

Winner selection

JennieParker87 along with a few judges selected the winner. The other judges were:
Shadow Briton Parodies


Due to very unfortunate events, one excellent entry was accidentially left out of the contest.

No. Name Entry
X Ninetales95NL (DPMV) Rantallica - Master Of Antics v2

Gold level

No. Name Entry
1 BewegungsunFISH Hitler Takes Krebs' Map-Pointing Class
2 Mitchell Hang Hitler and the Downfall-Steiner Paradox
3 Superdumpfback Hitler visits the zoo
4 WonkyTonkBotty Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon: REMASTERED
5 TraitorLoxoz Hitler goes shopping with friends

Silver level

No. Name Entry
6 JJ All-star Hitler the boating school teacher
7 Ako675 Hitler and the Laundrama
8 Jupiter9099 Hitler and the Tornado
9 Gb. Alexander Parody: Hitler's cooling systems are broken
10 Gb. Alexander Parody: Hitler runs from a T-Rex Mk II

Bronze level

No. Name Entry
11 Hitler Trolls Hitler attacks President Trump with the Pencil of Doom
12 MegaMr46 Hitler Stand up Comedy
13 HighBunker HxH Parodies DPMV - Super Dolfy Kart - Reich-Rainbow Road ft. Donald Trump
14 Jeha Himmler remasters the video
15 FilipinoFuhrer17 Hitler Parodies Hitler and the Time Reversal Mishaps

Places 16 to 24

No. Name Entry
16 CD98 The attack of the subtitles!
17 Hitler Trolls Hitler finds out he has been banned from Xbox Live - HD Remake
18 IG86 Parodies Hitler: In Search Of Electro
19 WindYTAW Hitler goes to jail..again
20 Jervis Martin Rondaris Hitler and his Pencil of Doom
21 ParrotAntics Adolf and phone bill from Orange
22 2091082 TMK Burgdorf's longest pistol kill
23 ErnestJohn 18 Hitler is informed of the new DP member
24 DownfallParodiesRocks Hitler is scared...

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