In the film Der Untergang, Hitler's relationships with the many characters varies from love and concern, to absolute distrust and hate. This article analyses his personal relations with the main characters in the film.

The state of the relationships with Hitler shows how much Hitler likes/dislikes the character in Downfall. It is helpful to parody makers because it shows, for example, how often Hitler is likely to rant at the character.

The Rubric System

A points system is used to score Hitler's relationships with the characters, based on his interactions and events with the character. The points are as follows:

Happy hitler

Happy Smiling Hitler

░░░░░███── (+3) : Lovingly Close Relationship: Hitler showing significant consideration/care to the subject, e.g. giving gifts, forgiving, hugging, always smiling at her even when the mood sucks, etc.
Smiling hitler

Smiling Hitler

░░░░░██░── (+2) : Esteemed and Good relationship, friendly terms, e.g. Hitler praising the subject, reassuring, having friendly conversations, friendly advice, etc.
Normal hitler

Normal Hitler

░░░░░█░░── (+1) : Mutual Trust: The subject has been promoted by Hitler, Hitler entrusting him/her to important duties, them having a boss-to-worker talk without any ranting or scolding, etc.
░░░░░░░░── (0) : Neutral. The character has nothing to do with Hitler whatsoever.

As Hitler tends to hate more than like people in the film, the negative end of the scale is more expanded.

Frowning hitler2

Slightly Frowning Hitler

░░░░█░░░── (-1) : Slight dislike/distrust: Having a minor tiff with Hitler, the subject receiving a minor scolding /disappointed Hitler, being ignored by Hitler when talked to.
Angry frown hitler

Angry Hitler

░░███░░░── (-3) : Major distrust/dislike: The subject has been ranted at by Hitler. Rant is define as a scolding where Hitler consistently raises his voice at the subject(s).
Furious ranting hitler

Ranting mad Hitler

█████░░░── (-5) : Extreme hatred to the point of insanity: The subject has made Hitler so mad, Hitler orders him to be punished, most often by execution or with removal from office.

The final score is the average of all the scores of each interaction in the film. N.B the list of interactions may be incomplete, editors feel free to add.

Traudl Junge

░░░░░░░░── (0) Relationship before the film: Newly introduced to Hitler
░░░░░███── (+3) Hitler always smiles at Traudl when she was first introduced. Held her hand. Asks her age (courting love?)
░░░░░██░── (+2) Introduced her to dog Blondi in the first scene, had a nice friendly chat with her.
░░░░░███── (+3) Gave her a cyanide pill upon request, told her it was a 'gift"; wished he had something nicer for her'.
░░░░░███── (+3) When Traudl was late for a secretary meeting because she slept in, he asks her "Have you rested well?".
░░░░░███── (+2.75) Final Score

Eva Braun

░░░░░░░░── (0) Initial Relationship: No background knowledge from the film.

It was not known Eva's relationship with Hitler when the film was introduced.

░░░░░███── (+3) Kissed by Hitler in front of open-mouthed generals after the Original Bunker Scene.
░░░░░█████ (+5) Married Hitler. Needless to say, the ultimate display of affection. Deserves 2 extra points.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Received a minor scolding "It is my wish!" when begging Hitler not to kill Fegelein, because her sister was married to him and was pregnant.
░░░░░██░── (+2.33) Final Score

Blondi the Dog

░░░░░███── (+3) Initial Relationship: Hitler's beloved pet dog.
░░░░░███── (+3) Patted and cuddled by Hitler when introduced to Traudl.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Was leashed to a toilet cubicle despite the poor dog barking incessantly. Showed that Hitler 'didn't care'.
█████░░░── (-5) (controversial) Died when ultimately fed poison as Hitler ordered. Hitler wouldn't have done such a thing if he truly loved his pet dog. Although not as punishment, an outrageously cruel act by Hitler.
░░░░░░░░── (0) Final Score

Heinrich Himmler

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship: Hitler ine of hitler's top lieutenants
░░░░░██░── (+2) Was reassured by Hitler when he worried about leaving Berlin.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Praised by Hitler as "my loyal Himmler"
█████░░░── (-5) When he offered to surrender, Hitler turned mad and ordered his execution.
░░░░░░░░── (0) Final Score

Hermann Fegelein

Note: Although portrayed as Hitler's main nemesis in the parodies, he had little to do with Hitler, except a single conversation and his Fahrerflucht (desertion).
░░░░░░░░── (0) Initial Relationship: Married to Eva Braun's sister, thus making him Hitler's brother-in-law
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Ignored by Hitler when he told Hitler to 'leave Berlin'. Shows Hitler's lack of respect for Fegelein, possibly because of his closeness to Himmler, or because of his youth (Fegelein was 38 years old during the events of Der Untergang).
█████░░░── (-5) Ordered to be executed by Hitler when he learned of his Fahrerflucht from the Bunker.
░░███░░░── (-3) Final Score

Joseph Goebbels

Note: Hitler never ever said anything about or to Goebbels, except to "stay behind with Ritter von Greim" even though he always was quick to back up Hitler's arguments with his own.
░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship: Was Hitler's propaganda minister, and was one of his closest friiends.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Told him to stay behind while asking everyone but Von Greim and his wife to leaved after he was pissed off after dinner. Showed that to Hitler, Goebbels was a 'special someone'.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Had dinner with Hitler. Not everyone can have dinner with Hitler, unless he truly trusted them.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Final Score

Ritter Von Greim

░░░░░░░░── (0) Initial relationship: None, he was supposedly recruited from the outskirts in the film.
Ritter von greim
░░░░░██░── (+2) Had dinner with Hitler. Not everyone can have dinner with Hitler, unless he truly trusted them.
░░░░░█░░── (+1) Promoted to General of the Luftwaffe after Goring's betrayal.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Reassured by a disillusioned Hitler about the new planes he was about to be given to command, and Germany's saved fate.
░░░░░██░── (+1.66) Final Score

The Goebbels children

░░░░░░░░── (0) Initial Relationship: None, they moved into the bunker in the middle of the film.
░░░░░███── (+3) Hitler let one of them sit on his lap.
░░░░░███── (+3) Smiled like a child when they sang him a song.
░░░░░███── (+3) Final Score

Alfred Jodl

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship: Was one of Hitler's top generals.
Alfred jodl
░░███░░░── (-3) Had an argument with Hitler objecting the 12th Army come to 9th Army's rescue.
░░███░░░── (-3) Was one of the 4 generals Hitler ranted at in the Original Bunker Scene.
░░░██░░░── (-1.67) Final Score

Note: Jodl also has a poor relationship with Fegelein, arguing about his loyalty to Hitler.

Hans Krebs

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship with Hitler: Was one of Hitler's top generals.  Also, he was the Chief-of-Staff for the German army.
░░███░░░── (-3) Was one of the 4 generals Hitler ranted at in the Original Bunker Scene.
Note: Krebs narrowly avoided being the butt of Hitler's retorts twice, one in the original Bunker Scene, where he said " Mein Führer..." and was interrupted by Jodl who gave the bad news himself, and two in the Hitler Plans Scene where he was the first person to pose an issue with Hitler's plans :"The 9th army is unable to move...", trying Hitler's patience until he finally lost it when Jodl once again said "But that would leave our Western Front open!"
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Final Score

Wilhelm Burgdorf

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship with Hitler: Was one of Hitler's top generals.


░░███░░░── (-3) Was one of the four generals Hitler ranted at in the Original Bunker Scene.
Note: Although strongly sharing Hitler's will not to capitulate and willing to die for Hitler, poor Burgdorf was never once appreciated for his loyalty. Burgdorf also strongly hated Fegelein, as shown in a scene where the generals discussed about Hitler, when Burgdorf called Fegelein a "ruthless careerist" .
░░░██░░░── (-2) Final Score

Wilhelm Keitel

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship with Hitler: Was one of Hitler's top generals.
░░███░░░── (-3) Was one of the 4 generals Hitler ranted at in the Original Bunker Scene.
░░░░░█░░── (+1) Was entrusted with the assignment of reclaiming Hitler's oilfields.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Final Score

Helmuth Weidling

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship with Hitler: Was one of Hitler's top generals.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Was suspected by Hitler to have shifted his command post West, which demands execution. This could be a (-5) if he did not come forward to clarify.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Was sharply snapped at when he exhorted Hitler about the surrendering to the Allies.
░░░░░█░░── (+1) Was put in charge of the overall defense of Berlin.
░░░░░░░░── (0) Final Score

Albert Speer

░░░░░██░── (+2) Initial Relationship with Hitler: A close friend and Hitler's arms minister.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Was complimented by Hitler about his brilliant Germania plan.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Was asked for advice from Hitler regarding on whether to stay in Berlin. Most of the time, Hitler's subjects would give advice sponatenously, but in this case, Hitler actually asked. Signified his trust in Speer.
░░░██░░░── (-2) Made Hitler cry when he revealed that he had been acting against Hitler's orders all along. Worse than minor, but not that severe enough for a ranting.
░░░░█░░░── (-1) Was ignored when he asked to shake a depressed Hitler's hand.
░░░░░█░░── (+0.75) Final Score

Note: Although he had betrayed Hitler, the Führer never ordered his (-5) execution, most likely due to their friendship. But Speer was kicked off his list of successors afterwards.

Wilhelm Mohnke

░░░░░░░░── (0) Initial Relationship with Hitler: None.
░░░░░█░░── (+1) Was summoned and made the commander of Berlin's citadel.
░░░░░█░░── (+1)

Reported to Hitler about bad news and was wished well, although he risked a ranting.

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Final Score

Otto Günsche

░░░░░█░░── (+1) Initial Relationship: Was Hitler's adjutant
Gunsche portrait
░░███░░░── (-3) Was ranted at for his incompetence when he cannot find Fegelein.
░░░░░██░── (+2) Was entrusted with burning Hitler's body after he died. Not just any ordinary task, it showed that Hitler trusted Günsche more than anyone with his body.
░░░░░██░── (+2) He touched Günsche's chest, asking him to promise to 'do what it takes'.
░░░░░██░── (+1.66) Final score

Hermann Göring

░░░░░██░── (+2) Initial Relationship: Leader of the Luftwaffe and very close to Hitler, his possible successor and numero uno lackey.
░░███░░░── (-3) In the Telephone Scene, Hitler ended his call with how he should hang all the members of the Luftwaffe. Although this would be a (-5), this was 1. indirect, and 2. didn't explicitly tell that he wanted to execute Goring.
█████░░░── (-5) Tried to seize control of the Reich assuming Hitler was dead, which made Hitler rant and order his execution.
░░░██░░░── (-2) Final Score
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