Speer in front of the Reichstag

Speer gazing one last time at his shattered dream.

The Reich Chancellery, or Reichskanzlei, was the office of the Chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1945 located in Berlin. Although in use since the Prussian era of Germany, the term refers mostly to the New Reich Chancellery (Neue Reichskanzlei) built by Albert Speer. The Führerbunker, which the film Downfall mostly takes place in, is part of the Chancellery, along with the garage.

After World War II, the occupying Soviets demolished the building and the East German government destroyed the last remaining parts in the 1950s. The death strip of East Germany's Berlin wall ran through the western side of the site, and an apartment complex built on the eastern side in the 1980s, where the Führerbunker was once situated.

In Downfall

The Reich Chancellery is the location of several scenes in the film, such as the Himmler and Fegelein Scene, Hitler wants Himmler scene and the first part of the Battle Scenes. The scene where Hitler awards the Hitler Youth and Eva walking Blondi takes place in the Chancellery's garden, which the Führerbunker is built directly underneath. After Speer talks to Hitler, he can be seen standing in front of the Reich Chancellery.

In Downfall Parodies

In parodies, this location is mostly used in the Battle Scenes where an artillery shell hits the street and the soldiers take cover. The Speer scene is not shown as much as the Battle Scene. Often the artillery shelling is depicted as the result of the use of one of the superweapons.

Notable locations

The following are locations within the Chancellery that appeared in Downfall:


Contains lots of rooms. The majority of events in Downfall takes place here.

Chancellery gardens

Parts of it seen when Eva walks Blondi. Hitler awarded medals to some Hitler Youth members here, and later had his remains, and the Goebbels', cremated nearby the bunker entrance.


Seen in the Party Scene.


Seen as Himmler is leaving for the north of the country.

Government chamber or cabinet room (presumed)

Seen when high-ranking officers gather to wish Hitler happy birthday.

Court of Honour

Speer takes one last look back before leaving Hitler for the last time

Reich Chancellor Office Entrance

Seen in the first part of the Battle Scenes.

Hitler's Great Study room (presumed)

The model of Speer's Welthauptstadt Germania is displayed here.

Civilian bomb shelter

Part of the underground complex where civilians and German soldiers alike take shelter and get treatment. Werner Haase is stationed here, where he amputated injured soldiers, a task Schenck later helped with.


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