RedHeadMetalC is a Finnish Unterganger, the author of a DVAVP series - Aliens versus Adolf Hitler. Like ggctuk, most of his videos were not Downfall parodies.

Aliens versus Adolf Hitler

Also known as Downfall vs. Aliens. The series has since been removed as of this writing.



Stock/Video/Gameplay footage used (Excluding Downfall)

  • AVP 1999
  • AVP 2
  • Skulltag source port for Doom
  • Pekka Siitoin interview
  • MsIronmetalhead666’s Hitler vs. Aliens (made under request)
  • Alien Trilogy
  • Aliens


  • Erika
  • Viktoria Sieg Heil
  • AVP 1999 OST - Colony, Orbital, Fury 161
  • Megaman X3 - Zero's Theme
  • Terminator: Dawn of Fate - Urban Ruins Ambient 1
  • Red Faction - Scarred
  • Dog Soldiers - Silhouettes
  • Horst-Wessel-Lied
  • Doom II - Evil Incarnate
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Save Room
  • Tapan Kaikki 4 - *unspecified*
  • Alien Trilogy - *unspecified*

Current Status

Eventually he removed all of his parodies. Since then he only uploads game videos and can be considered retired.

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