Rebecca Black

Known for

Being an amateur, and a staple of lulz and ridicule


21 June 1997


Becky, Migebag, Poser

“Everybody's Russian!”
―Hitler would disagree...

Rebecca Black (born 21 June 1997) is a teenage singer best known for her infamous music video "Friday", which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. The latter video has since been taken down by Black, either due to a "copyright claim" by herself, or out of so much humiliation and ridicule by internet users who reacted harshly to her song. However, she unblocked the video on her channel several months later.

Since then, Rebecca recently released two other songs on YouTube, "My Moment" and Person of Interest, both which received much better reception than "Friday". She was also featured in Katy Perry's Last Friday Night music video.

In the Parodies

There have been countless Hitler Parodies centered around Hitler ranting about her song, usually immediately after hearing it. Mostly, it was because her stupidity ("Gotta make my mind up / Which seat can I take?"), the song's excessive use of Auto-Tune and/or other vocal enhancement software, how similar it was to Justin Bieber, or her pointing out the obvious ("Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterward...").

Hitler also dislikes the music video, because it hardly made any sense.

It was taken to the extreme in Hitler Tries to Kill Rebecca Black, which centered around Hitler devising various schemes to kill her, only for them to backfire in one way or another.

The first U-Boat Parody video had Captain Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock being informed about the events of a Hitler Parody in which Hitler ranted about Rebecca Black. He decided to listen to the song out of curiosity, wondering what Hitler had against it, only to quickly order it to be turned off after he heard the song.

Rebecca Black is also despised by Joseph Goebbels who eventually goes on ranting about her poor vocalizing tone. Throughout many parodies, Goebbels himself was never seen hearing the horrifying song. He goes on ranting in Goebbel's Music Video Reveiws On Friday, when he hears how poorly she sings stating that Rebecca Black is ten times worse than Justin Bieber.

Nowadays Black's fad has died down and is seldom heard of let alone referenced in recent parodies.


  • Friday made the Billboard 100.
  • She is of Spanish, English, Polish, and Italian descent.


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