Rant-Off 2010

Rant-Off 2010

A Rant-Off is an annual end-of-year competition that tests everyone's ranting skills. It was introduced by Vzorkic for New Year's Eve 2010.

As Burgdorf was neglected, an Addendum was added, to which he lost, both the contest and his life.

Because of vzorkic's extended dormancy and eventual retirement, the Rant-Off has been neglected.

2010 Rant-Off

  • Round 1: Adolf Hitler vs. Otto Günsche: Hitler starts ranting about how much he hates Fegelein, but Günsche interrupts him, saying that he doesn't have a topic to rant about, because he doesn't hate anything, and surrenders.
  • Round 2: Hitler vs. Alfred Jodl: Hitler rants about the media, while Jodl rants about bald men, and possible pros of them. Despite this, Hitler wins.
  • Round 3: Hitler vs. Felix Steiner: Steiner, with his ranting skills, is set up to rant, but gets a sore throat and couldn't compete.
  • Round 4: Hitler vs. Joseph Goebbels: Goebbels poses some ranting competition to Hitler, but is left speechless in the end, giving Hitler the win.
  • Round 5: Hitler vs. Everyone: Everyone, even Krebs, who was shot in the beginning, starts ranting in order to beat Hitler. However, everyone in the Bunker can't match up to Hitler ranting skills, so Hitler wins the Rant Off.
  • Addendum: Hitler vs. Burgdorf: Burgdorf, who complains he didn't get a chance to compete in the official Rant Off, challenges to a one-on-one rematch, but Hitler rejects it until Burgdorf asks him if he's scared, then they started ranting. Burgdorf, surprised that Hitler was so good, almost shot him, but Hitler orders Mohnke to shoot Burgdorf.
    • Unlike the other rounds, this one was created after the official Rant-Off by popular demand.


Everyone must participate without question in the Rant-Off. Otherwise, they are to be shot by Mohnke.

  1. Ranting topics can be whatever the ranter wants.
  2. The challengers compete in rounds in order to out-rant Hitler
  3. A rematch is a valid option.


  • It is currently unknown about what would happen if Hitler lost the Rant-Off.
  • There were also some noted instances of one-on-one ranting duels besides Hitler and Burgdorf; the latter challenged Kit Kittredge to a rant battle, with the two ranting about Kit's possible layoff from her job as an American Girl model, as well as various pressing issues like paying the bills.

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