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Rammstein is a

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German Neue Deutsche Härte band formed in 1994 and consists of:

They are one of the most successful and influential band of their genre.

In the parodies

Quite a few of Rammstein's songs, particularly "Sonne" have been parodied in various ways by many Untergangers in various musical parodies. Due to its popularity and Third Reich-themed songs one can argue that Rammstein is the band of the Untergangers.


The use of Rammstein songs in parodies is problematic, as Rammstein GbR has been known to strike down parodies that use even a few seconds from any Rammstein songs. Gagislobista's first channel was closed for this very reason. His current channel no longer houses Rammstein based parodies.

In fact, starting around November 2012, Rammstein started a little revival of parody takedowns, and those who were hit include Gagislobista (yet again), MabusParodies and EngineersHitlerRants, the latter of which only uses an instrumental version of their song.

It's becoming apparent from these incidents that Rammstein is trying to shake off any association with Downfall parodies, even though these parodies do not intend to glorify Nazism by even a tiny bit, a stark contrast to some of their songs. If true, this is an awkward move, as the "Hitler" song, wrongfully attributed to Rammstein (actually a mock using the Sonne cover), that really seems to be glorifying Nazism is mostly untouched and some versions are still on YouTube for years.

For the Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest, Ninetales95NL entered with two Rammstein DPMVs and one was taken down for copyright while the instrumental version of the other one was taken down as well.

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