RBC56 is an American Unterganger who has over 7400 subscribers as well as over 5.3 million views. He started his channel on 30 April 2007, but he only began uploading videos 3 years later. The first videos were non-Downfall ones, and in November the same year he uploaded his first Downfall parody.

He is perhaps known for his FX parodies that involved Lauren Francesca and a few other characters, as well as those that put Hitler and his cohorts in the role of other fictional characters such as Darth Vader, Green Lantern, Batman, etc. or putting him in annoying situation from every day life. Other well known parodies include Nazis of the Caribbean, Hitler can't sleep, Hitler plays Angry Birds on an iPad, Hitler's Lucid Dream, Hitler Stuck In Traffic, and many other reenactments of various movies using Downfall scenes.

He became one of the pioneers of animated-style parodies, the parody in which the animations are hand-drawn and raster-based.

He was inducted in the Unterganger Hall of Fame on February 5, 2013. He received the Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2016.

Animated Parody fiasco

It has been pointed out that RBC56's Animated Downfall was supposed to be a series, and the different voices used in the first parody was part of the plot to be explained later in the series. The severe backlash he received from "close-minded viewers" that demanded "original voices" prompted RBC to rethink of redoing the parody, but not before AKO675 went ahead and restored the original voices without permission and uploaded it in his own channel, which gained more praises than RBC's own. These two events upset RBC, who has worked on the animation for 2 months, so much that he decided to give up on the novel idea, and eventually lead to his dormancy. AKO675 took the parody down and apologised, when he realised that RBC56 got upset about what he had done.

However, in February 2016, he returned to parody making with "Hardware Store Hitler ".

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