QuestionTuesdayFTW, (sometimes called QT), was a 4th gen Unterganger. He began making parodies on September 21, 2015, and had about 47,000 views and 180 subscribers before his retirement. Before retiring, he was known mostly for his involvement in the community than parodies, a point proven by him eventually becoming the owner of the Unterganger Minecraft Server after he retired.

Extended Dormancy and Eventual Retirement

QT entered dormancy for nearly a year and eventually announced his retirement from Unterganging on December 29, 2017. He cited a lack of time to make parodies, as well as a lack of motivation and interest in making the parodies, as he described most parodies, at the time of his retirement, as "cookie cutter". Another reason for retiring was his feeling that certain aspects and members of the community were toxic. He unlisted his videos a week after his retirement video was uploaded, saying that "he wanted to rebrand the channel for better audiences" as he realised that parodies could be seen as offensive if taken out of context. The channel is no longer active according to its about page and any future videos have not been uploaded since his retirement.


  • He has been the subject of many inside community jokes. Such jokes include:
    • His nickname, QT, sounding like the word cutie.
    • A music video that was found by community members called "Hey QT," which was advertising an energy drink of the same name.
    • His gaming channel, which since its opening, saw no activity until its closure in August 2016.
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