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Quantum Hitler Parodies is a fifth-generation Unterganger who started making Downfall parodies in March 2017. He is a former banned moderator of the Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room. His favorite Untergangers are Frozzy and HitlerTrolls.


Quantum Hitler Parodies (QHP) actually began parody making in November 2016, but YouTube reasons had forced him to close his old channel down. After joining the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord Community, he was re-inspired to continue making the parodies and made his new channel (QHP) and made his full return in March 2017. In mid-2017, while on the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord server, several controversies led to his eventual banning from the HRPC In early 2018, and he subsequently made all of his parodies private, distancing himself from the community.

In January 2018, all of his parodies were made private and it was assumed that he had retired. This was likely due to a large scale drama he was involved with that happened during the same month. However, he soon made them public again, telling Delphox that he had not retired after all.

In March 2018, he announced his retirement on Twitter by posting "cheerio Discord and my YouTube vids I did! No longer interested in either of these things, nor am I interested in the community I was once involved with. Nothing personal at all. GOODBYE DISCORD AND YOUTUBE!!!" He later deleted all but one of his videos.

In July 2018, he posted on Twitter apologizing for any trouble he may have caused within the community, as well as announcing that he would make all his parodies public again, thus causing him to be active again.


On the 6th of July 2018, he announced his return via twitter after several months away. He apologised to the Unterganger Community and said he would re-upload all of the removed parodies. He also uploaded a new parody announcing his return - the first in 10 months. Although he did apologise, many in the community are still skeptical and weary of him.

On the 18th of September 2018, he was unbanned from Unterganger Chat Central after Delphox & Jono agreed that he had changed his ways. He also joined the Unterganger Minecraft Server soon afterwards. Since his return to the Unterganger Community, QHP has since gone on to become an influential member of the moderator team on the UCC.

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