Punk Rock Brony (also known as Pootisofwar or Thatbunnyboy) is a Romanian YouTuber who claimed to be an Unterganger despite not having made a single Downfall parody. He created his YouTube channel on 14 November 2011.

His first video was Fluttershy's Revenge Ending (Head pasting Test), uploaded on 7 November 2012 with his head pasting done in Sony Vegas. Since he watched many parodies, he had planned to make parodies from movies such as cu mainile curate ultimul cartus.


In the Unterganger's Chat, Punk Rock Brony was a controversial figure due to him disregarding the topic that other members were discussing and trying to divert the topic to My Little Pony related subjects. He quickly lost favor due to this, as this was labelled as off-topic and immature. In his earlier days, he asked Trapped Antics to create a wiki page for him although the said individual clear stated that they are not familiar with him, thus would not know what to write and then created a page with just a single sentence, sparking rage in the chat. He went on to suggesting things like: "Can brony parodies be a new Unterganger style?", and to add to the matter, he had tried to take advantage of the community by repeatedly asking for ideas and images for his "Super Communist Kart" parody, despite others telling him to search for them himself and not to rely entirely on the community for ideas. He added that their treatment to him was "hostile just because I'm a brony", which was severely looked down upon.

He was later banned permanently a few days after the administrator of the chat decided it was time to put an end to this behavior and having being warned not to discuss My Little Pony. He then sent multiple messages to individuals who are regulars in the chat, particularly Trapped Antics and DictatorAntics.

On 3 December 2012, he then sent a message to DictatorAntics stating the following, thereby retiring;

“I Am Retiring from Unterganging because i got banned from wikia and the chat for "Behaving like an idiot. We don't even want your useless contributions. After the brony fad dies out, you won't even be one anymore. Grow up, kid." tell others that im retiring if you can”

Although he said that he would retire, on 15 December 2012 he sent a message to DictatorAntics again and also to Johnnomonster, which are stated below,

“Can you unban me from the chat please? i was about to say that i will not make super communist kart and saying that i will leave super communist kart to the community but now im unable to say about that can you unban me?”
―Pootisofwar in a PM to Johnnomonster
“Dear Dictorantics again can you tell trapped antics to unban me from wikia and the chat please? im unable to say that i will not make super communist kart and leaving it to the community Regards ThatBronyBunnyboy”
―PootisofWar to DictatorAntics

He was never unbanned nor did he come out of retirement.

On July 9, he deleted his channel.

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