“PoJ is like a small little diamond in a somewhat completely cleared out mine.”

PunchOfJustice is an American Unterganger. He uploaded his first parody on 24 Jan 2013. He currently has, as of 6 July 2015, around 4200 subscribers, with his videos amassing more than 747,000 views in total.


Like many other Untergangers, his first video was not a Downfall parody. He originally made parodies using clips from a message about diabetes by Wilford Brimley. Later, he began making Downfall parodies featuring Hitler's reaction to episodes of the popular anime Naruto.

His popularity grew when he uploaded Hitler's Genius Plan to Win the War , which he considers to be his debut Downfall parody. The first part of this parody garnered 49 likes, while the second part gained 46. This hereby marked the beginning of his intergration into the community.

Following that, his next few parodies, some of which consisted of FX, quickly gained many likes and views. One of his parodies, Hitler's Secret Hobby, gained 10,517 views and 280 likes. It also won him December 2013's Parody Of The Month.

His parody Hitler Becomes a Wizard is considered one of his best parodies, if not, one of the best parodies ever, consisting of extensive use of FX. It won July 2014's Parody of the Month and best FX parody in the Unterganger Awards of May, June, July 2014. It has gained 33,333 views and 757 likes as of January 7, 2015.

Despite not making any parodies since then, he was inducted into the Unterganger Hall of Fame in June 2015.

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