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Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler is a parody series created by KakashiBallZ. Like its title, it shows Hitler talking about the pros and cons of something/someone. The series is derived from the Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche scene and is developed as a more neutral alternative to Hitler Reviews, which often puts the subject matter critically.

General Format

It starts with Günsche coming into Hitler's office, asking what the pros of a certain object. He calmly talks how it's good and useful, and makes a stern point. He just shrugs it off, and the door knocks in the background. Hitler asks Günsche if he has anymore to say, which Günsche asks what are the cons. Hitler starts going mad about all the things about it, and the possible dangers of it, all while ranting. Sometimes, in the middle of the cons, he says "you're fucked".

Most of them end with Hitler stating that how the object was a failure in a way, or thinking of using it on Fegelein.


  • This scene is the main way of making Pros and Cons videos; however, there are other ways of doing it as well.[1]
  • The part where Hitler discusses the pros comes from his dialogue to Grawitz in the Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche scene. Accordingly, Grawitz' shot, seen partly through Hitler's dialogue, is replaced with Günsche's.
  • In some parodies, the door can be heard knocking after Hitler discusses the pros. In the film, this was before Günsche enters the room.
  • Hitler's line asking Günsche of any more questions comes from Hitler Eating Scene.
  • Sometimes, the scene is used for other situations, other than having pros and cons explained. This is more likely to be seen in story-length parodies.
  • Hitler was at least once asked about the Pros and Cons of Fegelein, his response being ''I HATE THAT PIECE OF... SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! There has been an error trying to find Pros for the subject. Please try again never.
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