Professor Zündapp
Z Gelein
Vroom, I want to commit an antic!


Professor Zündapp



Notable for

Trying to destroy the World Grand Prix
Fegelein's car form


Professor Z, the Professor, Fegel-Zündapp, Z-Gelein

“Lightning McQueen must be killed!”
―Zündapp to his henchmen
“Believe it, old man! Catch me if you can!”
―Fegelein to Dolfy while racing around the bunker in Zündapp form

Professor Zündapp is a character from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars 2. He is an evil weapons scientist from Germany who created an electromagnetic pulse emitter disguised as a camera that can destroy cars using alternative fuel. He is voiced by Thomas Kretschmann, who, incidentally, also portrays Hermann Fegelein.

In Cars 2

Professor Z is the secondary villain of Cars 2, as he was the one who developed the EMP gun designed to kill or maim any car that uses alternative fuels.

In the Downfall Parodies

Professor Z makes almost no appearances in Downfall parodies, except for one parody where Professor Z is shown to be an alter-ego of Fegelein. The story of how the Master of Antics became a car goes like this: Fegelein was messing around with Himmler's Dimension Traveling Machine when he accidentally activated it and transported himself into the world of Cars. He discovered that he was in the form of a Zündapp Janus, a German car from the 1950s. Fegelein quickly set to work committing antics for the highest bidder, which turned out to be Miles Axlerod from Great Britain. The Englishman wanted a person--no, car--that could safely destroy or mutilate alt-fuel cars at minimum expense. Finally, just as he was jailed, Himmler rescued Fegelein and brought him back to the bunker. Just after that, Fegelein realizes that with concentration, he can turn into Professor Z, which he quickly demonstrates in front of Jodl and Burgdorf. Günsche informs Hitler of this unexpected development, and at first, the Fuhrer refuses to believe him until Fegelein roars into Hitler's office and shows Hitler himself. Hitler quickly rants an order to Günsche to stop Fegelein.



  • Disney/Pixar would then go on to create Inside Out, used slightly more extensively in parodies crossing over with Hitler, despite not having a common actor with Downfall.

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