Predatordes, currently known as unr3al Gaming, is an American Unterganger with over 3500 subscribers. He opened his channel on 15 July 2007. His first video was made a year later and was a video of a game called Dread Knights. In 2011 he started uploading videos of a game called LCPD First Response. It was 7 May 2011 when he made his first parody. It is a parody called "Hitler Learns A.P.B. Is Shut Down ". A.P.B. is also a game and because he uploads parodies like this and also gaming videos, he is a video game-oriented Unterganger.

His parodies have around 600 views while he has some gaming videos with over one million views which means that he most likely got most of his subscribers because of his gaming videos.

Predatordes uploaded his last parody in September 2012, which means he is retired (as an Unterganger; he still makes gaming videos).

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