Pokemon&TekkenFanatic2019 is a Turkish user who is an AGK and Downfall parodist. Beside from making these parodies, he is also known for making Vyond videos and is good at video games.

List of Downfall parodies

  1. Hitler is informed Jeff Sutphen pranked him
  2. Hitler finds out about Caillou's Punishment day videos
  3. Hitler is informed Princess Zukin is Fegelein's daughter
  4. Hitler rants on GoAnimate Peeing and Pooping videos
  5. Hitler rants about PKDYJBN
  6. Hitler and Angry German Kid react to Stefan Karl Stefansson's death
  7. Hitler is informed his voice got low pitched
  8. Hitler plans to buy a Playstation 4 Pro
  9. Hitler is informed he speaks very loud
  10. Hitler rants about TikTok and it's ads
  11. Hitler is informed Goebbels will play in a movie as a hero
  12. Hitler plans to buy a new car
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