Placebo, also formerly known as JustRL, was an American First-generation Unterganger best known for his Michael Jackson, Formula 1 and Darkfall Online Downfall parodies, as well as his spoofs involving foreign-language clips with fake subtitles.

He originally intended on making such clips into a new form of comedy; while this barely picked up, as most people who make parodies are inclined into Downfall, some of his videos were met with positive reception. In addition, the use of other foreign-language films for parody footage, as what Placebo has envisioned, has risen over the past few years, usually though juxtaposition of the said clips into scenes from Downfall for humorous effect, as seen with The Antic Menace for example.


He was also one of the many victims of the 2010 DMCA Crisis. He did commit suicide in response to the takedowns, but in January 2012 he made a new account by the name of SubtitleComedy2012, wherein some of his old parodies from 2009 were uploaded.

For unknown reasons, on 5 January 2012 he made all his 5 Downfall parodies as Private, making them unnaccesible. His only video on his channel is one with the Iranian president Ahmadinejad. His last activity was on 5 January 2012, although he recently posted a comment on his Ahmadinejad parody, lamenting over the draconian copyright policies by media companies and how it kept Untergangers like him from making parodies.

He later posted the following statement:

“This is Placebo, and I can confirm that I was forced to delete my channel. I very much miss the days of making people laugh and wish to someday achieve this again, however in a way that nobody can "shut me down" for. My dream would be to make actual comedy films. Thank you to everyone who watched, commented, and enjoyed my videos. You all got me through a tough time and it was a lot of fun suffering the chaos of crazy Darkfall problems and F1 politics. Love life, laugh, and smile. Bye for now.”
Placebo on his current status

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