PiplupThePokemon formerly known as HeyItsPiplup, discovery781IsABitch or Piplup, was a former Indonesian Unterganger who made Downfall Parodies. Most of his parodies were Traditional, but several used FX.


In November 2010, DXFan619GotSuspended uploaded a video expressing his thoughts and opinions in Modern Day Downfall Parody Making, which is followed by many other videos. The video was quickly misinterpreted by discovery781IsABitch who believed the Unterganger community has conspired against him. The video's intention was to criticize the Pokemon parody maker for his subscription campaign, something d781IAB did not realize. According to DXFan619, it was merely because of "over-sensitiveness" and lack of ability to overcome small disputes.

When Piplup announced his retirement, TheDownfallParodies began harassing him. This added more fuel to the fire and a small controversy erupted.

He "disconnected" himself from the Unterganger community since then, losing faith towards the community as well.

He is terminated as of 2017, his account was taken down by multiple third-party claims for copyright violations. Several of his videos can still be found at LostDownfallParodies's channel.


Non-Downfall characters used in his parodies.

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