Peter Kranz in the fog is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

On one hard foggy day, Peter Kranz is walking on the streets of Berlin in which he then stops and sees a woman wearing a gas mask who is pushing a stroller that is covered by a blanket going past him in the opposite direction. He watches the lady pass by and continues walking.

In Parodies

Due to the lack of any dialogues in this scene, it is very rarely used in parodies, and when it is used it's only within longer feature-length parodies, never on its own.

A short segment was used by mfaizsyahmi in his Detective Kranz parody, a spoof of a Detective Conan opening, along with many other obscure clips from Downfall that features Peter Kranz and more or less matched the original opening.

Other people who used this scene include PiretBCN (the exact video is unknown) and Joster285 in his series, The Console Wars.



  • There is no dialogue in this scene except at the end where we hear the Goebbels children offscreen leading into the next scene.
  • In the video above, there may have been another scene that goes with it that may have been a deleted scene or a scene that was shown in the theatrical edition of Downfall.
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