Peter Kranz hides in the artillery crater is a scene in Downfall that is very rarely used in the parodies.

In Downfall

Continuing off from the previous scene (theatrical edition) where Peter Kranz shoots a Soviet soldier using a Walther PPK, he is running through the ruins of Berlin when he trips into an artillery crater. He looks around trying to get up, but ultimately lies down coddling himself in tears over the killing.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is rarely used in parodies and it's unknown if it has been used, but given the lack of dialogue and anything to exploit for comedic purposes, it's possible it hasn't been used.


  • This is one of the few scenes where there is no dialogue.
  • This is the only scene in the entire film where there is only one character.
  • Peter won't be seen crying again until he returns home.


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