Peter Kranz's street battle is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used by Untergangers, however Untergangers making war parodies do use this scene.

In Downfall

Several soldiers are running down the streets of Berlin trying to repel the advancing Soviet Armed Forces. Peter Kranz and another soldier are in a bomb crater, armed with Panzerfausts. Several soldiers are firing StG-44s and MG 34s behind sandbags. Soviet soldiers are closing in. A T-34 tank arrives and Peter tries to move out of the bomb crater, but the other soldier tells him that it's too far to fire upon. The tank fires at the sandbag nest and destroying it killing and injuring the soldiers. Peter jumps out of the hole, and the other soldier is shot in the head while trying to stop him. Peter sees himself in front of the tank and enemy soldiers, and jumps back in the hole, as the tank fires. He sees his fellow soldier dead and after a moment runs away.

Over at the Reich Chancellery, the yard is also being bombed, and the soldiers guarding the bunker entrance run into the bunker and close the door behind them as a shell hits the building destroying the windows.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene has rarely appeared in Downfall parodies and almost never on its own, due to the dark nature of having a young child witnessing the death of a soldier.

It is most commonly used in war parodies, such as The Console Wars, where the tank’s appearance is used to introduce the PC gamers. A heavily modified version of this scene appeared in Der Disneygang, where the older soldier is shot dead by Dumbo the flying elephant, while Peter looks on in horror.


  • This scene explains the disappearance of the two MP40-wielding guards at the bunker entrance.


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Peter Kranz's street battle
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