Peter Högl (19 August 1897 – 2 May 1945) was an SS Obersturmbannführer who served as the deputy chief of Hitler's personal bodyguards unit.


Högl was born near Dingolfing in Bavaria. After he left school he worked as a miller in Landshut until he joined the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment in 1916; there, he then saw active service in World War I and reached the rank of Unteroffizier. He left the army in 1919 and joined the Bavarian police, transferring to the Kriminalpolizei (Criminal Police) in 1932.

He joined the SS and became a member of Adolf Hitler's bodyguard in 1933 and attained the rank of SS-Obersturmführer (First Lieutenant) in 1934. From April 1935 he became the deputy to Johann Rattenhuber in the Reichssicherheitsdienst (Reich Security Service-RSD) and was appointed Chief of Department 1 (responsible for the personal protection of Hitler). In this capacity he was posted to the Obersalzberg, Munich and Berlin. From November 1944 forward, he was stationed in Berlin and held the title of Criminal Director. Beginning in January 1945, Högl spent time in the Führerbunker located below the Reich Chancellery garden in central Berlin.

At April 1945, Högl had commanded the detail which arrested Hermann Fegelein in his residence at Bleibtreustraße 11, Berlin. He died from a head wound in Weidendammer Bridge on 2 May.

In Parody Universe

Although it is shown in the film, Högl probably didn't kill Fegelein. As far as the parody-makers are concerned, he's the Dude-Who-Kills-Fegelein. He was described as the only man who can kill Fegelein, in some parodies.

In the Steven1991 parodies, Högl is imagined as an Hitman sent by Hitler to kill different people (instead of Fegelein in the movie). Fegelein even once hired him to kill Hitler instead.

In TheSilentTrooper's X-mas in the Bunker: Günsche and Högl he was portrayed as a MP40-wielding retard shooting at Dolfy with no apparent reason.

It was revealed in FegeleinTheDictator's Hitler and Hogl's Gang Rape Squad series that besides an SS executioner, he's also a rapist who lurks around with his squad gangbanging any Bunker occupant without regarding neither sex nor age.


  • He was a police detective, this explains how he managed to track down and catch Fegelein.
    • This also poses the question as to why Hitler would send many people to find Fegelein when he could have simply called the police...
  • The voice of his Russian actor had to be re-dubbed for the German version.

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