pauladrian360 (aka Captain PS then later Peter Sundler) is a Filipino Unterganger who makes Downfall Parodies, and AGK parodies.


Early Youtube

His YouTube account was established in March 2008. His first video is named "The Sparta Remix" which is considered by him to be bad, as he was only a beginner. His first series was the AVGN LOL where The Nerd fights the Exorcist.

AGK Parodies

After the first season of his first AGK series, titled Angry German Kid LOL,  he made a new AGK series titled Angry German Kid in the Future which focused on the storyline, but it didn't last long, as he didn't have a good PC.


His first parody was made in March 2014, although Dolfy first appeared in Episode 13 - 14 of his Angry German Kid Series titled "Hitler's Domination". His first actual Hitler parody is titled "Hitler meets Tony Jaa".

Retirement on AGK community

On 5 March 2015 he announced that he will not be making AGK parodies anymore and will leave the AGK Wiki. He also made most of his AGK parodies private.[1] It's unknown that if he will still be making Hitler parodies. Since Hitler parodies are the most viewed out of all videos on his channel maybe he will still be going on it.


His most recent video was uploaded on February 20, 2016 but his channel is still has some activity.



  • Some of Hitler's generals were referred as:
  • From his photos on Facebook it's known that he has an advanced gaming PC.


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