ParrotAntics is a 5th Gen Unterganger from Poland. As for April 1st, 2018 he has 1070 (1275 with his very first parody) total parody views and 28 subscribers.


He made his first YouTube account in 2011 but didn't upload his first parody until October 28, 2014. This parody, having around 200 views, was a typical Original Bunker Scene parody where Hitler rants about discontinuation of Bukkit server kit. He uploaded his first regular parody onto a second channel on Febuary 23rd, 2017.  His second parody was a translation of a parody called Adolf i faktura z Orange  that he entered in JennieParker87's Remake a Classic contest for which he received 21st place.

In January 2018, he made his first AGK Parody, a spoof of the BBC television series Doctor Who. On April 1st, 2018 he announced his first Q&A video .

He entered The Blumbunker Productions Contest with parody called A Mysterious Deal on January 2019, and received a silver prize for earning third place out of four entries.

Technical Data

ParrotAntics uses PowerDirector 13 editing software for most of his parodies, utilising Vegas Pro 11 for those that require more advanced work such as headpasting or green screen effects. For audio samples, ParrotAntics uses Audacity and Reaper. 

All of his parodies, except for his very first one, are bilingual, with Polish and English captions in the same video. Between January and December 2017 he used to upload parodies with Polish captions, and later make English subtitles via YouTube's caption editor.



  • He has been an active member of the HRP Chat Room from 5th of August 2017 to 13th of February 2019.
  • He is known for using a Dalek voice changer when he goes on UnterCast since his debut in 10th episode of Season 2.
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