Parodyhall was a Finnish Second-generation Unterganger. He started to make parodies on 5 June 2013, with Hitler Plays Driver 2. After that he kept making few parodies from time to time, but in June 2015, he started to make parodies more regularly.

He won the Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award in July 2015, the Unterganger of the Month award in August 2015, and the Parody of the Month award in July 2016. He also won several times in the Unterganger Awards. He used Sony Vegas Pro 12 to make parodies.

He confirmed his retirement in September 2016. After his retirement, he privated all his parodies.


  • He was known for making wacky, insane, and perverted posts in chat rooms.
  • He was one of the people that created and brought up often the "BNUU Curse" joke in the chat room. He vowed himself to never fall for said curse. His retirement was a year and 2 months after winning the BNUU, thereby keeping said vow.
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