The Parody of the Month (PotM) award is handed out monthly to the best parody of the month, as nominated by Untergangers (although anyone except judges can nominate) and chosen by the DCA (Downfall Community Awards) judges. It is included as a separate category in the Downfall Community Awards.

Nominations & Winner selection

The PotM contest has had many different rules in the past, but the current system is as follows: Anyone (apart from judges in the DCA) can nominate a parody for PotM on the Unterganger Chat Central Discord server. Up to three parodies could be nominated by the same person. One of the nominations could be a parody made by the person nominating, but in order to do that, at least one other parody by someone else must have been nominated. However: all nominated parodies for the DCA were automatically also nominated for Parody of the Month.

In order to win the PotM award, the parody must have been uploaded during the current month, or on the last day of the month before. The winner was selected by the DCA judges. If a parody by a judge was nominated, the judge could not vote in that category, and another judge would be called in as an "emergency judge".


Name Period
The Jononator
Simply Kevin
Dopamine The Delphox
August 2019 - Present (Main Judges only)
The Jononator
Beom Jun Koo
NG Shooter
January 2018 - July 2019
Shadow Briton Parodies
January 2017 - January 2018
JennieParker87 June 2014 - December 2016
FegelAntics June 2016 - July 2016
Soalric Parker July 2014 – November 2014
DictatorAntics 5 April 2013 – November 2014
WonkyTonkBotty 5 April 2013 – November 2014
Benad361 February 2013 - 5 April 2013
TheSilverUniverse 22 August 2012 - December 2012/February 2013 - April 2013/August 2014 - December 2014
Master Studios January 2012 - March 2013



Order Month Title Made By
1 January Hitler Gets Abducted by Fegel-Aliens Staedty86
2 February Hitler v Fegelein TheSilverUniverse
3 March Fegelein The Master of Antics HD Trailer-Sparx476 version Sparx476
4 April Hitler's Horrific Photo Shoot thenewyorkcitay
5 May

Hitler Gets Experimented on (Pt 25)

6 June The Jodl Head - Mini Documentary TheSilverUniverse
7 July Hitler's Llama Priest Episode 1 TheSilverUniverse
8 August President Adolf Hitler DictatorAntics
9 September Adolf Hitler VS Reltih Floda (Part 1) KnightTemplar1922
10 October The Goebbelghost 2: Escape from the Spirit World . Soalric
11 November Five Tips with Adolf Hitler - Writing Articles in Hitler Parody Wiki Mfaizsyahmi
12 December Fegelein Turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon WonkyTonkBotty

Playlist containing the winning parodies from 2012 by Master Studios


Order Month Title Made By
1 January Fegelein.wmv TheSilverUniverse
2 February
3 March Der Disneygang: Episode 1 - Occupation Soalric
4 April Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz (Episode 5) Benad361
5 May Hitler plans to get Goering in shape WonkyTonkBotty
6 June Hitler and the driving lessons Staedty86
7 July

Adolf Hitler - The Next Holocaust (The Next Episode Remix/Parody)

8 August The Antics Strike Back - Prologue DictatorAntics
9 September Haunted Hitler JennieParker87
10 October Der Disneygang: Episode 5 - The Final Battle Soalric
11 November Fast Food Disaster TheSilverUniverse
12 December Hitler's Secret Hobby PunchOfJustice

February 2013's announcement was made in the same video as February's Unterganger Awards.

Playlist containing the winning parodies from 2013 by Mitchell Hang


Order Month Title Made By
1 January

Der Disneygang Deleted Scene: The Invasion of Hasbro

2 February Hitler's Movie Theater Incident RBC56
3 March Jodl's Tree House JennieParker87
4 April Viva La Fegel 4 FegeleintheLostTapes
5 May

Are you dreaming, Hitler? (Entry to Soalric Parker's "Animated Cross-over Contest")

6 June Hitler's Wedding Picture JennieParker87
7 July Hitler Becomes a Wizard PunchOfJustice
8 August

Hitler smell's Kreb's dead fish

(Was taken down due to closure of account; saved by Echoes1224 in the LostDownfallParodies account)

9 September

Hitler the Jedi

(Was taken down due to closure of account; saved by Echoes1224 in the LostDownfallParodies account)

10 October The Walking Führer (Walking Dead Parody) TheSilverUniverse
11 November Burgdorf does the Boiling Water Challenge

Even though this parody was released on the 31st of October 2014, it was allowed to be Parody of the Month in November 2014 under a new rule that a parody released on the last day of a month is allowed to be nominated for Parody of the Month the next month due to time zone confusion.

12 December Ebenezer Hitler: A Nazi Christmas Carol Pikachu53 Downfall Parodies

December 2014's announcement was made in the same video as December's Unterganger Awards.

Playlist containing the winning parodies from 2014 by Mitchell Hang


Order Month Title Made By
1 January Battle for the Bunker: Episode 5 - Striking Back Soalric
2 February Flooded Hitler - FULL/EXTENDED JennieParker87
3 March Fegelein the Führer Chapter 4: Führer Brawl CloneOfJoster285
4 April Battle for the Bunker: Episode 6 - The Destroyers Soalric Parker
5 May Hitler's China Experience JennieParker87
6 June Inside Out: Führer Edition CanaDolfy98
7 July Downfall/Equilibrium parody: Hitler and Fegelein's gun kata duel Gb. Alexander
8 August Battle for the Bunker: Episode 7 - A New Enemy Soalric Parker
9 September Günsche is at soup SnipSnapParodies
10 October Jodllusion Venkyra21
11 November "Der Untergang" Parody #19: Explosive Fish Unterganger Kunst
12 December Fegelein's Crisis (New Year's Eve Special) JennieParker87


Order Month Title Made By
1 January HitlerWare Jupiter9099
2 February Hardware Store Hitler RBC56
3 March Hitler's Ghostbusters (Hitler Parody) TheSilverUniverse
4 April Jodl's Punishment JennieParker87
5 May Battle for the Bunker: Episode 9 - The End Soalric Parker
6 June (DPMV) Adolf Hitler - DADDY (Parody of PSY's DADDY) Venkyra21
7 July Hitler visits Untergangers (Community Parody)

The link above is a re-upload as the original video was made private.

8 August (DPMV) Hitler Took A Pill In Ibiza (Fegelein Remix) Delphox & Venkyra21
9 September (DPMV) PPAP (Hitler Version) Venkyra21
10 October The Damned (Halloween Special 2016) JennieParker87
11 November None

The original winner was TraitorLoxoz's Hitler gets pranked by Gunsche parody, but the award was revoked after it was found he used another Unterganger's parody without credit.

12 December Bunker Noir, Part 1 BewegungsunFISH


Order Month Title Made By
1 January Hitler Enters the Unterganger Awards BewegungsunFISH
2 February Bunker Noir, Part 2


3 March Clash of Fatties: Bormann vs Göring


4 April Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon: REMASTERED WonkyTonkBotty
5 May A Downfall Parody But It's Genderbent BewegungsunFISH
6 June Hipster Hitler Mathilde's Parodies
7 July Keep your enemies closer Mathilde's Parodies
8 August Hitler and the FegelFics ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Krebsylovesfish
9 September Hitler Sends Göring to Africa S03E04 - "Battle on the Skies" F-A Alexander
10 October Who's the Vati? Mathilde's Parodies
11 November Downfall parody: Fegelein's Phantom trailer F-A Alexander
12 December The Fuhrer Bot Weird Hitler Parodies


Order Month Title Made By
1 January Crossover parody: The Downfall of Godzilla - Episode 1 F-A Alexander
2 January-March [note 1] Hitler and Friends rant in English about the fake German subtitles! WonkyTonkBotty
3 April The Fuhrer Sings Deutschland Uber Alles - Episode 1


4 May Hitler's bad day on the soccer field--#1 (Hitler soccer fails) Reich Motion Pictures
5 June The Fate of the Parody: the final episode Alec Griffiths
6 July Downfall parody: Hitler Sends Göring to Africa S03E05 - "Finale, Or: Truly The End" F-A Alexander
7 August Hitler visits my Minecraft Führerbunker creation Reich Motion Pictures
8 September Der Frozengang - Part 7 JJ All-star
9 October Downfall: The Last Straw demo Playthrough/Reveal! (5000 Subscriber Special) WonkyTonkBotty
10 November Hitler plays 1942...and gets a surprise antic! WonkyTonkBotty
11 December Hitler's Trip To Taiwan - Season 1 Episode 1 (A Fegeltastic Vantication) Delphox, The Jononator & CloroxEnergyDrink


Order Month Title Made By
1 January Hitler works at 911 Emergency 3: The Final Attempt Equiduo
2 February Hitler is informed Günsche is made of Günsches TheSilverUniverse
3 March Beginning Unterganger Training Video Beom Jun Koo
4 April Der Frozengang - Part 8 JJ All-star
5 May Hitler Has Been Moved! JennieParker87
5 June Hitler reacts to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare TheUnknownHitler
7 July Hitler is informed Ninetales has been inducted in the Unterganger Gold Cup Ninetales95NL
8 August Hitler’s FLAT EARTH space program Reich Motion Pictures
9 September Göring makes a PSA about Baked Beans (+ 200th video ANNOUNCEMENT AT END) WonkyTonkBotty

Winner's Tally

Unterganger Number of Parody of the Month Awards Won
(Jennie)Parker87 10
TheSilverUniverse 9[note 2]
Soalric 8
WonkyTonkBotty 7
BewegungsunFISH 4
Venkyra21 4[note 3]
F-A Alexander 4
Mathilde's Parodies 3
Reich Motion Pictures 3
Staedty86 2
DictatorAntics 2
PunchOfJustice 2
(CloneOf)Joster285 2
RBC56 2
Delphox 2[note 3][note 4]
JJ All-star 2
Himluck 1
Alec Griffiths 1
Sparx476 1
thenewyorkcitay 1
Mackychloe 1
KnightTemplar1922 (Now KnightTemplar1453) 1
Mfaizsyahmi 1
BigUndertaker 1[note 2]
notoriousrob01 1[note 2]
Benad361 1
Deficere2 1
FegeleintheLostTapes 1
1979Onetime 1
RocketAP3 1
Pikachu53 Downfall Parodies 1
CanaDolfy98 1
SnipSnapParodies 1
Unterganger Kunst 1
Jupiter9099 1
Parodyhall 1
Superdumpfback 1
Krebsylovesfish 1
Weird Hitler Parodies 1
CloroxEnergyDrink 1[note 4]
The Jononator 1[note 4]
Equiduo 1
Beom Jun Koo 1
TheUnknownHitler 1
Ninetales95NL 1
  1. Despite the fact F-A Alexander won in January 2018, due to them only being created in late January, the then recently created Downfall Community Awards were decided to be run from January - March so there are technically 2 winners for January although, F-A won whilst PotM was hosted by the Unterganger Awards and WonkyTonkBotty won when it was first hosted by the DCA's.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 TheSilverUniverse, BigUndertaker, and notoriousrob01 shared February 2013's Parody of the Month award.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Venkyra21 and Delphox shared August 2016's Parody of the Month award.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Delphox, The Jononator and CloroxEnergyDrink shared December 2018's Parody of the Month award.


Master Studios initiated the Parody of the Month on January 2012. When it was announced, an "Unterganger of the Month" was also included, with MS not realizing that Benad361 has been awarding an "Unterganger of the Month" since late-2010. The confusion was resolved with MS only handling the PotM while Benad361 continues with his UotM.

Following the Unterganger Awards's (UA) inception in October 2012, the PotM was planned to be announced under the UA. As the month progressed, it became apparent that the PotM was still too independent to run in line with the UA, and suggestions for a closer integration were refuted by Master Studios. The first UA award series was announced without either the PotM or UotM, leaving both to be announced separately by their own main judges at their own leisure (usually days later).

For unknown reasons, the PotM was stagnating around November 2012. As of 20 November 2012, no results for October were announced, and November's vote never happened. However, a transfer of power was carried out, and the PoTM for January 2013 was eventually announced, alongside other award systems. The November and December awards were dropped, and the series for 2012 discontinued due to aforementioned problems, starting afresh in 2013, with the UA judges as the de-facto judges. However, Master Studios released the announcement videos for October, November and December and stated that he planned to continue maintaining the award series.

In spite of Master Studios' consistent commitment problems beginning the latter half of 2012, beginning February 2013, Benad361 and judges of the UA decided to take over the PotM, announcing a set of PotMs alongside February's UA. This marked the first time that the awards were announced outside of MS's control and council. This also marked the first time that any award systems finally achieved full integration.

In March 2013, Master Studios discontinued his control of the award system, and an election was started to elect two new, competent judges - a manager (the leading judge), and a secondary judge. The election ended on 5 April 2013, and DictatorAntics (DA) and WonkyTonkBotty (WTB) won. DA was thus made the principal judge, and runner-up WTB the secondary judge. DA decided to bring back TheSilverUniverse, who was sacked earlier in January 2013 by MS. It was later also announced that the UotM and PotM will no longer be released under the banner of the Unterganger Awards.

In July 2014, following his loss of motivation, DictatorAntics decided to hand over maintainership to Soalric Parker, who in turn handed it over to JennieParker87 in December 2014. From then on, PotM became a separate category in the Unterganger Awards, which JennieParker87 is the main manager of at this point. However, in December 2016, she announced that she will be on leave until June 2017, so she placed the management into the hands of Ako675.

In August 2017, JennieParker87 realised she no longer had the time to return as manager. She then asked BewegungsunFISH to take over, which the latter agreed to. AKO675 agreed to remain as assistant manager.

In January 2018 BewegungsunFISH told Ako675 that she would retire from the UA starting from February. This left the Unterganger Awards to him. He decided to close it down, since he no longer wanted to run a contest for a community that - in his opinion - "had turned its back on many profilic Untergangers, especially Parker87, who was responsible for reviving and popularising the UA in the community."

In February 2018, Delphox, The Jononator, and Ninetales95NL decided to set up a new monthly competition called the Downfall Community Awards in order to replace the recently closed Unterganger Awards, with the PotM award included as a category.


In November 2016, in the midst of an ongoing community conflict, TraitorLoxoz won the Parody of the Month award, with large backlash from the community. Nonetheless, TL was allowed to keep his award.

However, after a revelation where it was discovered that TL used another Unterganger's parody without credit in the making of this parody, JennieParker87 revoked this award.


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