This page lists some of the genres of parodies made over the years. In many cases the parodies belong to several genres.


Comedic parodies constitute the largest percentage of parodies made by countless Untergangers.

  • Bunker Jokes - a series of parodies with only an antecedent by Hewel, a punchline by Tornow and an all-round laughter.
  • Hitler is informed... - Apart from the mundane and pointless, there are some gems among these series.


These parodies put a lot more emphasis on good story line, and is a correlation to story-driven parody making style. Most of the actor parodies falls into this genre.



Action parodies, like dramatic parodies, has a richer plot, with some healthy mix of action. Action parodies tend to have a strong rivalry between its characters.



War parodies, like its name suggests, contains elements of warfare. The characters are typically sided into factions.



Adventure-type parodies is also part of story-driven parody making style. The key difference between adventure and action genres is that parodies of the adventure genre tends to have less action and rivalry between its characters.


News and Documentary

Parodies of the news genre is tailored so that it resembles a typical television news programme broadcast. It has been used to give out real-life news, but more than usual, it's a spoof of characters in the parody universe being interviewed.

In the same light, parodies of the documentary genre is make to look like a documentary programme.



This genre of parodies is a direct correlation to the musical parodies.


Horror parodies focuses on elements of horror and a good plot, often but not always poking fun at a popular medium of the genre, such as a famous horror film or video game.



There are other parodies that doesn't really fit into any of the above genres.


Interactive parodies make use of YouTube's annotations feature to add a level of interactivity to the users, where clicking on a certain region of the video will make it jump to a specified position and something interesting happen.

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