paperpics is a German-American Unterganger who began making Downfall parodies in December 2013. His videos are made in both Windows Movie Maker and occasionally editstudio.


Opening his account on August 29, 2010, he immediately uploaded multiple sketch videos he filmed by himself. He regularly posted through late 2010 until early 2012 when he began to space out his content.

In late 2012, he began making a style of videos called "rant videos". In December 2013, a water bottle fell over on his laptop, forcing paperpics to suspend his video production for nearly three weeks, which is a long time for him. Upon getting his laptop back, he began editing together his first Downfall parody called "Hitler breaks his computer" which was making fun of how paperpics ruined his laptop temporarily. Two days later, he made another one called "Hitler Kombat", a parody of "Mortal Kombat". Both were poorly made with Windows Movie Maker, which resulted in him deleting them.

He then suffered from Unterganger's Block until JennieParker87's video contest, which he entered on Febuary 24th titled "Mein Große Erschütterung Wiegen". He made the video with Vegas Pro 12 trial version and pasted hitler's head over the faces shown in Shake Weight commercials. He eventually deleted it due to its poor quality. He is currently trying to make a full length series called "Günsche & The Fedora Crusades" which will be a three part series. 


As of this writing, he has removed all of his parodies and is implied to have silently retired.

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