Pajarojuarez (IPA: /paxaɾo xuaɾeθ/) is an Argentine YouTuber who is (so far) considered to be the first person to make a Downfall parody, using the fake-subtitled video style.

He joined YouTube on 23 January 2006. He first uploaded two short videos that he made. On September 3, 2005, he uploaded to Rapidshare a spoof of the film Der Untergang (Downfall in English), called La Caida (La versión No Oficial), Downfall (Unofficial version) in English, in which Hitler complains about the overpriced food bill. The spoof uses the Hitler Eating Scene and Hitler Explains Scene linked together.

The parody was uploaded almost a year before Sim Heil, a parody that seemed to be the first ever parody until "La Caida" was found.

The Creation of the Parody

According to a post he made on the Downfall Parodies Forum, he downloaded Downfall onto two CDs, and downloaded Spanish subtitles from a website so that he can watch the movie (since, like most people, he doesn't understand German).

Towards the end of the first CD (in the middle of the Hitler Eating Scene and continuing into the Hitler Explains Scene), the subtitles disappeared, not letting him understand the scenes. He decided to have fun with the missing subtitles by creating his own, humorous dialogue to go along with the scenes, which involved Hitler at a Chinese restaurant, trying to get out of an expensive bill. He and his brother thought it was so funny, that when he finished watching the film, he edited the scene, putting his dialogue as the subtitles. This ended up being La Caida (La versión No Oficial).


PajaroJuarez has also uploaded another parody corresponding to the scene of "The Last Supper", but without the effect that La Caida had. His channel consists of personal videos, that he filmed.

User jparedes uploaded La Caida to their YouTube account on February 2006. He is often mistaken for the creator of "La Caida" due to numerous factors, ranging from the fact that he reuploaded the parody, the original parody was taken down for copyright, and people not reading the description.

While it is widely believed their act was prompted by copyright removal of the original parody, YouTube does not have a content ID system prior to 2007, suggesting that jparedes really did just reupload the parody on a whim, and the copyright strike on the original upload happened later.

CanaDolfy98 has since translated the original La Caida parody into English.

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