“I did 9/11!”

Pacer Downfall Parodies (also known as Duraab) is a sixth-generation unterganger from the United Kingdom. He debuted on 2018-1-18 and have posted 20 parodies so far.  As of 2018-9-4, he has 1006 views and 28 subscribers. 


Duraab joined the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord server sometime in August 2016 and became a prominent chat member there. However, he didn't start making parodies until early 2018, after being convinced by Delphox and The Jononator. This makes him the first proper 6th generation unterganger.

Sometime prior to April 25th, 2019, he retired from unterganging, citing that that he "got tired of the whole thing" according to a comment made by Beom Jun Koo. This evidence was taken from Mein Unterkampf's 100 sub milestone video as well as in the comments section. Therefore this would also make Duraab the first, sixth generation unterganger to retire.

Parody styles

His parodies mainly consist of Traditional/modified traditional videos, with several Audio based parodies and gaming parodies. It is also known that he uses Video Pad for at least most of (maybe all) of his videos.  He also made a parody that is about University level maths, which was done in Traditional style. 


His 14th parody, Hitler plans to delete Logan Paul , has won the Downfall Community Awards(Best Parody From a Newcomer) in the 2018 January-March round.

His 19th parody, Hitler VS ISIS, has won the Downfall Community Awards(Best Audio-Based Parody) in the 2018 April round.

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