Operation Fegel-Dwelling
Hitler sneaks into Fegelein's house with his shotgun, prior to encountering the fatal Fegel-closet.


Adolf Hitler and team (Traudl, Burgdorf, Jodl, Himself).

Hermann Fegelein

Nicolae Ceausescu (provided help in setting up various antic-traps)


Decisive Fegel-victory; all Hitler's strike team members badly wounded due to antic traps, offensive called off

Operation Fegel-Dwelling was a commando operation carried out by Adolf Hitler and a team of four in an attempt to capture Fegelein at Christmas.

It is shown in the Benad361-HitchcockJohn collaboration parody series "The Twelve Days of Christmas with Hitler and Friends" on day eleven.

Hitler and Traudl, Jodl and Burgdorf tried to capture Hermann Fegelein in his house, assuming he would be drunk and unprepared.

However, they encountered many traps, in the form of electric wire, a Fegel-closet, boobytrapped windows, etc. Fegelein personally activated at least one of the traps when encountering Jodl at a window.

The operation untimately failed and the team was forced to retreat as a result of these traps, especially after each was knocked out of action (and badly wounded) by the traps. Hitler in particular could no longer walk after an unfortunate incident involving the Fegel-closet.


Jodl had initially objected to the plan, so as a result he had to wear the ridiculous wig bought for him at Christmas as punishment, which probably doomed the operation.

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