Nina Yevgeniyevna Tukhachevskaya (Russian: Нина Евгениевна Тухачевская) was the second wife of Mikhail Tukhachevsky (whose first wife committed suicide). In 1941 she was apparently arrested and executed.

She gave birth to his daughter Svetlana shortly after their marriage in 1924. However their marriage has been seen as a marriage of convenience instead of love. It is said he doted on Svetlana to give her the love that he did not give her mother.

She allegedly went insane prior to her execution and had to be deported in a straight jacket.


However, upon reviewing the cast of Tukhachevsky, and doing more extensive research (which included reviewing the cast of Conspiral Marshal), Benad361 initially thought that she had been confused with Tukhachevsky's sculptor, by several untergangers. MabusParodies also did some research, and discovered some interesting facts in turn. This is a compilation of what the two discovered:

Tukhachevsky's First wife - Ignatieff Maria, daughter of engineer Penza depot. Accompanied her husband in the Civil War. She died in 1920 (suicide, presumably due to his repeated affairs and time apart from her). Second wife -  (from 1921) - Nina E. Grinevich, from a noble family. The first marriage was married Aronshtamom LN. They had a daughter, Svetlana, from this marriage in 1922. In 'The Tukhachevsky Affair' by Viktor Alexandrov, it is said he tried to give his daughter the love that he refused to give her mother. If this is true or not is uncertain. However, from this account, it can be presumed that this is the 'Svetlana' he refers to. Third, common-law wife - Secretary Yulia Kuzmina, wo had previously been married to Commissioner Baltflota Nickolai Kuzmin From Kuzmina. Tukhachevsky also allegedly had a second daughter, Svetlana (born in 1926). "The woman we thought to be Nina is Yulia (played by Anna Kazyuchits) and Nina would be the woman cast as "wife Tukhachevsky" (played by Elmira Metreveli)." - Mabus 


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