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Nicu himself.

Nicu Ceaușescu (September 1st 1951 - September 26th 1996) was the son of Romanian president Nicolae Ceaușescu and was considered the president's heir apparent.

He had a reputation for being a playboy and heavy drinker since a young age, although when he was older he became somewhat hard-working towards the end of his father's regime.

He lived in obscurity after the overthrow of his father's regime in 1989 and died of cirrhosis of the liver in a Vienna hospital in 1996.

In the parodies

Nicu is something of a Steiner-like figure in Benad361's Ceausescu parodies, never having been seen so far other than in a photo. However, he is the antic-master (and Fegelein equivalent) in the parodies. This was revealed by Himmler in Benad361's parody: Tukhachevsky versus Fegelein: Round II when Himmler mentioned to Speer that he had to go and give "antic tuition" to him, and a brief photo of him was shown.

He may yet again appear in Benad361's Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz sequel-series, especially since his father is fighting against Rosen's conquest of the Parody Universe.

Comparisons with Other Antic Masters

Hermann Fegelein

Ceaușescu Fegelein
Both were drinkers and playboys.
Both had affairs.
Both were mentored by a member of the ruling government.
Ceaușescu died naturally. Executed.
Did not serve in the military. He was in the military and a member of the SS.
Didn't do drugs Evidence that he did drugs.

Similarities with Fegelein:

  • He was a drinker and a playboy.
  • He had affairs.
  • He was mentored by a member of his father's government (Stefan Andrei) as Himmler mentors Fegelein.


  • He was not executed, but died naturally (although due to his own alcoholic tendencies).
  • He did not serve in the military.
  • He did not seem to do drugs, unlike Fegelein.
  • He was frequently drunk, Fegelein not so much.
  • He is much less tormenting to his father than Fegelein, although his father allegedly told him to "Stop drinking and work harder" in the past. It remains to be seen if he will pull any antics on him.