Nicolaus von Below
Hitler planning scene Mohnke enters the room behind Nicolaus von Below
Below, with Mohnke passing behind him.


Nicolaus von Below


20 September 1907


24 July 1983 (aged 76)

Known for

Being Hitler's Lufftwaffe adjutant

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Nicolaus von Below (20 September 1907 – 24 July 1983) was an officer in the Luftwaffe before and during WWII.

Below was born on the estate of Jargelin near Anklam, in the Province of Pomerania. Below was German dictator Adolf Hitler's Air Force (Luftwaffe) adjutant from 1937 through 1945. During the time between the Christmas and New Year's holiday of 1944, Hitler told Below: "I know the war is lost, the enemy's superiority is far too great." But Hitler, still dwelling on the July 20 Plot to kill him, blamed the traitors. He then told Below: "We will never surrender, we may go down, but we will take a world with us."

On 15 April, Eva Braun was moved into the room next to the room Hitler occupied in the Führerbunker. Below wrote the following of her: "She was charming and obliging and showed no weakness right up to the last moment." On 29 April, after the wedding of Hitler and Braun, Below was an "unofficial" witness to the last will and testament of Adolf Hitler. He did not sign the document.

Below left Berlin on 30 April and was captured by the Allies.

After the war, Below wrote a book containing the memoirs of his service during World War II entitled At Hitler's Side (2001). He died in Detmold, Germany, in 1983.

In Downfall Universe

Below appears in the Hitler Planning Scene, along with other Luftwaffe members, such as Hermann Göring, Karl Koller and Hans Baur.

He appears in all the parodies that involve the scene where Mohnke enters the room, and passes behind him. He hasn't had a main role in parodies so far, however.


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