Mynk Cynt (previously known as CMC Channel) is an ex-collaboration channel ran by Will Mannion. Until March 2017 Jeremiah Read and Benjamin Silk were contributors to the channel. The channels main themes are gross comedy, college boy humour and slapstick.

The channel has made a comeback in May 2020 by Will Mannion and is active once again after 3 years of no activity.


The trio have known each other since 2012 as they attended the same school together. CMC Channel (as it was called back then) was originally created to be a gaming channel but resulted into a YTP and Downfall Parody channel.

A strong supporter of CMC Channel is 1st Generation Parody maker, Comedian and alcholic WonkyTonkBotty, who has been an inspiration for CMC Channel's videos over the years. On February 28th 2016, WonkyTonkBotty endorsed CMC Channel in a video on his channel.

2020 Comeback

On the 20th of May 2020, CMC Channel was rebranded as Mynk Cynt by Will Mannion, who uploaded a YTP called 'The Michael Rosen COVID 19 Special'. Will has expressed intentions that he will be willing to make downfall parodies in the future - considering whether he can think of anything that hasn't already been done.

Downfall Parodies

The channel's most popular videos are 'Hitler Plans to Eat Kreb's Fish' and the DPMV Linkin Park spoof 'Linkin Hitler - Faint'. These videos attracted views due to their offensive humour and for being politically incorrect - something that would be more disregarded in today's YouTube community.

Other Content

Like WonkyTonkBotty, Mynk Cynt makes YouTube Poops.

Many videos were deleted due to the humour being too offensive - in many cases the school of the CMC Channel team had to intervene as other students complained that CMC Channel was 'racist' for parodying Hitler. A video series called The Jerry Series (that contained 13 episodes). The school ordered CMC Channel to remove these videos as it 'portrayed the school in a bad way' - although they probably weren't wrong to think that way. One episode was Jeremiah being pushed into a bin, another had Will throwing dictionaries at Jeremiah for being cringe.


  • Everyone in CMC Channel hated each other when they first met.
  • Will created most of the content on the channel, with exclusion of the Jerry Series.
  • Like WonkyTonkBotty, CMC Channel is deemed controversial for negatively responding to critics who rip apart their content.
  • CMC Channel was once a part of a feud against a Skate 3 youtuber called Arclay which has resulted in tons of dislikes on their videos. Offensive videos (now deleted) were exchanged during this feud. In response, CMC created a YTP mocking Arclay, which was then taken down. Eventually both sides called it quits.
  • As of February 2020, Jerry has a son called Elijah.
  • In May 2020, Will stated that he intends to bring a new era to the channel with Mynk Cynt. There are also talks of a possible podcast in the near future containing Jerry. Ben however will be excluded as the pair see him as lazy and socially toxic.
  • As of the 2020 comeback, Mynk Cynt is the near last of the active Untergangers from the 4th generation.
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